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Oval Step-up Stool

The Neat Nursery basic step-up stool is an ideal, value for money option to allow your child to reach the toilet or basin.

• Textured surface
• Anti-slip rubber feet on the base to prevent stool from
sliding during use
• Available in plum, orange, lime, pink, blue or white.
Reverse options available upon request.
• Also available in the 'Quack, Quack' Range
• Additional products available in this range are: Ergo bath,
Comby bath, Supabath, Top 'n' Tail bowl, Baby Box, Potty,
Nappy Pail, Step Stool, Comfy toilet training seat and Hooded
towel/mitt set.

For more information on the Oval Step-up Stool or to purchase this product please contact us by using the information at the top of the page and our Customer Service Associates will be glad to assist you with your needs.
Oval Step-up Stool in Pink
Available Colours
Oval Step-up Stool in Pink Oval Step-up Stool in Plum Oval Step-up Stool in Orange
Oval Step-up Stool in Lime Oval Step-up Stool in Blue Oval Step-up Stool in White